foto 0Our Association is a place of analysis and public reflection on the most complex nodes of the Italian cultural, social, economic and political landscape, as well as a meeting place between the different cultural traditions of our continent. Italy, its problems and expectations, its levels of excellence and an unfinished modernity are some of the major current issues we are trying to tackle in our programs. HERMES Centro Studi Europeo is a research institute that promotes studies and insights capable of fueling the production of innovative ideas that meet the challenges of this new century, thus contributing to revitalizing the image of Italy at an international level . We are a training institution aiming at the competitive promotion of new ruling classes in politics and the economy. We need to promote shared values, raise awareness in the public opinion, cultivate a ruling class with a stronger leadership and able to drive changes, in complex and turbulent years like the ones we are living. Our activity is implemented through the conception and organization of conferences, round tables and training cycles. We also promote seminars for discussion on specific subjects, animated by personalities from the world of research, politics and institutions, with the aim of bringing together research and politics, knowledge and public responsibility, calling to collaborate on individual projects also external expertise. identified from time to time.