Think Tank

We focus our attention on the future of the new generations, following sectors such as work, culture, education, economy, technology, politics and communication. The main objective is to create in these sectors a new leadership that values ​​each person's skills and talents. A new way of thinking based on contemporary dynamics and experiences, through a free exchange between different ideas and backgrounds to identify and promote common values, knowledge and interests. The HERMES community, through the formulation of proposals, tries to affirm new points of view and new ways of dealing with problems. The aim is not to find unanimous or simply reassuring answers but to highlight the complexity of the phenomena of the contemporary world and encourage that cultural deepening from which emerge universal values ​​and ideals, capable of inspiring a modern and conscious leadership. We meet on a regular basis to discuss various issues, favoring discussion and open debate. We will try to involve in our meetings the leaders of the industrial, economic, financial, political, social and cultural world in conditions of absolute freedom of expression, giving space to international guests who offer a scenario on contemporary trends that can have an impact on "future" possible ".