Un rendering di una scheda grafica, in cui la parte centrale e più a fuoco è un chip con la lettere AI, ad indicarne l'utilizzo per l'intelligenza artificiale.

New perspectives on Artificial Intelligence in european defense: the research paper of Iolanda Cuomo

We are proud to share a comprehensive research paper on European defense, published by Iolanda Cuomo in response to the recent Call4Papers organized by Hermes – Center for European Studies in collaboration with yourscienceEDU.

The paper explores themes such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Data Analysis in relation to european defense equipment and capabilities.

Iolanda’s work provides new perspectives on the challenges and opportunities related to algorithm selection, highlighting how the implementation of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning systems does not automatically guarantee new capabilities. The objective is to provide a comprehensive overview to identify solutions capable of correcting vulnerable mechanisms.

The paper has been assigned an ISBN code (979-12-5534-056-0) by the publisher PM Edizioni to ensure its recognition as a scientific publication. Furthermore, thanks to her outstanding contribution, Iolanda will be awarded a scholarship worth € 500 and will have the opportunity to undertake a training internship with our partner yourscienceEDU.

Congratulations to Iolanda Cuomo for this extraordinary achievement!